Schedule like a Road Warrior
Manage your day like a Time Titan

Confirmed is the time manager & scheduler designed for people whose meetings take them arround the block or around the world

AI-Driven Timely Arrivals

Our Intelligent algorithm spaces out your meetings effectively, ensuring you arrive at each one on time, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. You and your meeting partner both experience a seamless and stress-free scheduling experience.

Geo-Grouping ™

Confirmed intelligently groups your meetings based on geography, minimizing your travel time whether you’re dealing with local or global appointments. It uniquely prioritizes your travel efficiency and eliminates unnecessary travel back-and-forth across the city or globe.

Trusted by organizations you love and respect

Prefer a custom experience?

Ask our team how we can customize it on a deep level to meet specific needs of your team or unusual use-case

Why People Love Confirmed

Uses the same “send a link” technique you love – only better

Seamless Calendar Integration

Snap, link, and sync! Your partners recieve a calendar link that cleverly layers with their schedule, revealing the perfect meeting slots in a glance

Flawless Confirmation

Pre-Fill the details, smooth their path to “Yes” with effortless confirmation!

Elevate Your Meeting Experience

No more making your meeting partners go through a shopping cart experience. They see all their choices in context as if they were using their own calendar.

Click-Free Convenience!

They’ll even immediately land on a week that clearly displays the next available time slots-without having to click a single extra button

With Confirmed, you are not just keeping up, you are setting the pace

trusted by thousands of clients

They love us and you will too.

Join the ranks of Confirmed users who don’t just love their jobs-they love the tools that make their jobs lovable.
Large telecom EVP

“It’s been a game changer”

Real estate company IT Director

“You have solved my ‘house-on-fire’ problem”

Nationally renowned trainer/consultant

“Changed my perspective; changed my life”

Owner of Multimillion dollar franchise

“We use Confirmed to ultimately increase our close rate”

High performing salesperson

 “Confirmed has saved me a lot of time”

Communications VP

 “Way smarter than the other apps” 

Medical executive

“Using Confirmed helps me manage my days more efficiently and effectively”

Productivity Advisor

“Super impressive software” 

Nationally renowned trainer/consultant

“Changed my perspective; changed my life”

Nationally renowned trainer/consultant

“Changed my perspective; changed my life”

Seamlessly Synced: Tailored to Your Workflow & Essential Tools

Advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive techniques provide a game-changing experience taking you way beyond basic scheduling

Effortless Connectivity

Integrates with your favourite calendar and contact lists including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Contacts

Unlock Enhanced CRM Potential

Supercharge Your CRM; Elevate Salesforce, Zoho, and Hub spot wth enriched data at your fingertips.

Streamlined Workflow

Inside Your Daily Tools: Access it directly within Chrome, Edge, Outlook, Salesforce – wherever your work lives.

The Time Manager and Scheduler in One

Your 24/7 Personal Assistant: Not just for scheduling, but for managing your entire day.

Unlock Time, Focus, and Collaboration

Reclaim vast blocks of time, sharpen your focus, and elevate your teamwork to new heights — surpass ordinary scheduling.

Wisdom at Your Fingertips

Powered by cognitive science and techniques from the masters including Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins

Beyond Road Warriors

Your entire team can take advantage of Confirmed’s unique features — even if they stay in the office all day

Confirmed vs ‘The-Old-Ways’

You’ll appreciate the significant productivity differences between our cutting-edge scheduling app that’s part of Confirmed and the outdated methods of the past

Tailored Integration Options

  • Unlike rigid SaaS tools, Confirmed can be adapted to your process flow including deep integration into your tech stack. We have highly skilled consultants who are certified in major systems including CRM and offices tools.