About Confirmed

Confirmed was conceived when our founders realized how much time they were wasting in tasks that are not focused on what will get them highest results. So they took a deep look into what others were doing and what separates the highest achievers from the rest. Confirmed was born. As people joined our team, they acted as catalysts, bringing exciting ways to enhance what we offer and ways to make it easier to use than ever.

We’re a Salesforce Partner and part of the Microsoft Partner Network.


Our platform has passed one of the most rigorous independent security reviews in the world (and are considered enterprise-worthy).

Our leadership team has over 80 years of experience in similar endeavors.

Confirmed has twice been named as ‘Innovator of the Year Start-up’ finalist for the prestigious TECH 50 Awards. (2021 and 2022)”
Tech 50

About Our Team

With long expertise and successful track records, our team gives you the backing that helps you succeed. Our collective track-records include helping Verizon change from a regulated phone company to a nimble Internet-era sales machine, exploding the regional HQ growth of a TD Ameritrade company to 450 people (from 15) in only 18 months, and helping various companies optimize and operate their CRM systems within their enterprises.

Team Members

David Radin, MBA, CEO

Shannon Gregg

Shannon Gregg, Ph.D., COO

Robert Maurer

Robert Maurer, BSCE, Chief Architect

Connor Coddington

Connor Coddington, Full-Stack Developer

Sofia Pech, Marketing Intern

Justin Hulet, PM, CSM, Principle Consultant

Nancy Crowder, Customer Care

Vince Edwards, Strategic Partner Relations

Xander Dyer, Full-Stack Developer

Clara Lam

Clara Lam, Web & Data Designer

Nick Chen

Nick Chen, Web & Data Designer

Vivek Pandey

Vivek Pandey, Developer

Mentors, Idea contributors & Advisors

Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely, Ph.D.

Sree Gadde

Sree Gadde, JD,BSCC, MBA

Jeff Lizik

Jeff Lizik

Jeff McDaniel

Jeff McDaniel

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Ganesh Mani

Ganesh Mani

Confirmed HQ

100 S. Commons, Suite 102, Pittsburgh, PA 15212Contact Us

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