Org-Wide Benefits


Confirmed breaks the barrier for
Time reclaimed and added focus throughout your organization

Confirmed is the time manager & scheduler designed for people whose meetings take them arround the block or around the world

Better Scheduling Experiences On Your Website

  • Easy, adaptable user experience to meet your specific web-needs.
  • Smart Services Scheduling: Ideal for on-site customer services, offering smart, location-aware “Geo-Grouping ” options to optimize travel times and prevent overbooking.
  • QR code based scheduling: Instantly generate customized QR codes for direct access to your daily scheduling.
  • Get code to integrate with just 2 clicks-embed Confirmed scheduling magic into wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or pass it along to your developer

Administrative and Executive Assistants will love it

Included tools take away annoying tasks that used to fall on the administrative team. Saves hours and makes work easier.

  • Advanced room management features allow people to book your facilities based on their needs — search across rooms for specific times, learn how rooms are quipped.
  • Executive assistant tools make it easier than ever to plan days for other people, keeping the executives well informed and focused on task, while significantly reducing the time to accomplish that.
  • Handle entire staffs from a single easy-to-use web-based interface.

Empower Management Teams with Enriched data and Coaching Moments

  • Helps keep CRM data up-to-date without taking your team away from their client-facing activities.
  • Gives you views about the state of each person’s planned activities so you can help them focus and provide support to those who need it most.
  • Provides score card data to individuals and supervisors providing actionable moments and coachable opportunities.

Collaborate Better and Easier Than Ever

  • Confirmed includes collaboration tools, including being able to manage on behalf of one-another, team meetings tools, and access to common data to eliminate inaccurate and redundant work and data entry

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