The Confirmed A.I. ALL*STAR Workshop:

Artificial Intelligence Essentials, Options & Implementation

Mentor-led training & implementation in effective techniques to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Kicks off Live Online: Thursday, October 26, 2023 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern time (10am-11:00am Pacific)

A few early bird discount tickets still available

Artificial Intelligence is likely to affect your business in ways you haven’t yet imagined.  So it’s important for you to understand it before it affects you adversely, and to take advantage of it in ways that you can use to positively impact your profitability.

In this interactive workshop bundle, you’ll get to understand how AI can be tamed and applied to your situation for your own gain.

  • Various ways A.I. can be applied to business processes
  • Why 70% of A.I. projects fail & how to make sure yours doesn’t
  • How to increase your likelihood of success
  • Key steps to plan your utilization and get started with a successful path

Who should attend?

  • Executives looking for the best ways to utilize A.I. for your businesses
  • People who think A.I. will morph their roles and change what it takes to succeed
  • Implementers who want to be ALL-STARS in the way A.I. is used in their organizations
  • Anybody who wants to use A.I. to further their careers, ease their days, and multiply their success

What’s included?

  • Pre-assessment to help you maximize your learning by matching your needs
  • Interactive, instructor-led workshop
  • Optional one-on-one personalized implementation session
  • Optional personalized mentor sessions with a coach who is top in the craft
  • ALL*STAR DEMO Jam – a $149 value

Choose the level that meets your needs:

Level 1: “Essentials”

Two information packed sessions (Workshop & ALL*STAR DEMO Jam)

Level 2: “Achiever”

Break beyond the essentials as you move forward with the skills that fit your needs.  This level includes the workshop and Demo Jam as well as one (1) 30-minute personal implementation session with a matched coach

Level 3: “All*Star

Become your organization’s All*Star in the topic.  This level Includes the workshop, ALL*STAR DEMO Jam and FIVE (5) personalized mentor sessions with a coach who is top of the craft.  You can use them to create a cohesive strategy, dig deeper into the topic as it best relates to you, your role & your company, and gain hands-on implementation help as you start and continue on your journey.

Your investment in your future:


Best Essential info value: Series Pass including 4 workshop topics and Demo Jam

Or purchase the A.I. Workshop standalone

Pricing shown on pricing pages is currently Early Bird pricing and will expire in September.


Best Achiever value: Series Pass with 5 workshops with personal implementation mentoring and Demo Jam

Or purchase A.I. standalone (workshop, personal implementation session and Demo Jam.

Confirmed All*Star:

Supreme value: Everything in a Full Series Pass at ALL*STAR level — including 5 Workshops, 8 mentoring and implementation sessions and Demo Jam

Or purchase A.I. standalone (workshop, personal implementation session and Demo Jam.

All three levels include ALL*STAR Demo Jam, where you get to see live interactive demos of up-and-coming tools.  Purchased separately, Confirmed A.I. ALL*STAR is $149.  It happens December 12, 2023.

Because these are interactive sessions, the number of participants is limited.