Expert Consultants advise on the best way to optimize the software and processes you use

How Confirmed’s Advisory Services change your outcome from digital transformation to true organization transformation

  • It’s not about upgrading your technology; it’s about making your processes better for your staff — so they can spend every day at maximum effectiveness and minimum difficulty.
  • If your goal is to help your team get the most from their days so they perform better for you while removing barriers that make it harder for them, your first call should be to Confirmed.  Our team has been involved in key process improvement for companies you know and admire — and have put together some of the best people centric solutions that are often called “game changers”.
  • The Confirmed team’s knowledge of popular tools is deep; our backgrounds in people-centric solutions is long; and we have a cost-effective set of processes and tools that will help you move to the next level, no matter how big your organization.

What is “reclaim and refocus”?

Most organizations involved in digital transformation, software development or consulting are focused on making the system function more efficiently.  Confirmed, though, with our backgrounds in soft skills, psychology, technology, training and process, bring together a solution that actually refocuses your team on the best people and activities.  It’s not just about doing things faster or eliminating unneeded steps.  It’s about focusing your complete day on the activities and people that will have the greatest impact on your success.  Thus your ROI is greater and your control easier and longer-lasting.


A Typical Engagement

  • Work with you to identify the (sometimes-hidden) ‘house-on-fire’ causes that detract from success and make it harder for people in your organization.
  • * Determine the plan that focuses on the biggest impacts first and trickles to other aspects that could have additional value and makes the most sense based on your specifics
  • * Implement the plan or help you manage it using the best methods and tools that will leverage the investments you’ve already in your people, processes and tools

Consider Confirmed the team that supplements yours with skills that you need or provides additional minds & hands because you don’t have enough time.  If you already have somebody working with you on digital transformation or productivity/tool projects, we can help you guide them to maximum ROI.  If you’re working solo, we can bring a robust set of skills together for you, using our people & tools and/or choosing external tools, based on the situation.

The Next Step

Confirm an exploratory meeting with one of our advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use your full services?

No. In our exploratory meeting, we’ll figure out where we can best help; then focus our efforts for you in those areas, so you get optimum ROI.

Why use a consultancy that markets a SaaS tool?

Confirmed’s web-based tool is a great example of how we meet the needs for you. A whole class of our clients needed specific help optimizing their travel, getting more out of their meetings (including scheduling), collaborating, and working with their existing systems (such as Microsoft 365 and So we built a broadly applicable tool that addresses the strategic issues that cause the problems in these areas, and made it customizable and easy to use. Why re-invent the wheel? Instead customize one that already exists. Clients have used “game changer” to describe how well this tool works for them.

Do you make me change tools?

Many of our clients have already invested in tools, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Hubspot or specialty tools for their industry.

In some cases, simple tweaks to those tools or making them connect together in ways that are more effective for the client’s organization is all that’s needed. In others, we may propose supplementary solutions.

Occasionally, we see a mismatch, and suggest alternatives. In some cases, the best course of action is to help users apply these tools better to their own needs and to support them better. We’ll do whichever matches your need better.

Example: To help one client focus their sales team on the most profitable opportunities, we modified Salesforce to include a new one button method. The payback was 30-days, and the EVP at the client called it a “game changer”.

What if I’m already working with a software development or digital transformation team?

We’d be happy to work with them too — on your behalf. Sometimes, it makes sense to get a third party involved, either to help you better evaluate or implement the projects, or to offload your management of them — to get better results from the dollars you’re spending on external contractors.

According to a 2021 study by McKinsey, 69% of digital transformation projects fail. Our involvement helps you insert the elements that ensure success.

I run a sizable organization. Can you help me implement?

Absolutely. Confirmed comes with video tutorials and access to real people to answer questions. Team & Enterprise Editions are eligible for custom onboarding, personalization to the needs of your organization, and other resources that will make your organization a success.