Google Chrome – Productivity enhancement skills

Become a Confirmed ALL STAR in Google Chrome

Google Chrome: Tips & Secrets to Ease Your Days & Enhance Your Success

This may be one of the most surprising impactful ways for you to be an ALL*STAR in your role — because we’re going to take you into places you’ve never imagined with a product that you probably take for granted and you use more often than almost any other tool on your computer.

PLUS: Google is releasing a major new version of Chrome this month; we’ll have the details, including how it affects you and how you should change how you interact with it

What we’ll cover

Over two workshops and a personalized coaching session, you’ll learn how to incorporate hidden and underutilized features of Chrome in your own routines – a combination of techniques that let you leverage advanced features whether you’re a novice or already consider yourself an expert.

Workshop 1 (included in all levels) includes:

  • Understanding how chrome reacts with URLs to make your daily use better
  • Setting up desktops to increase your productivity
  • Using Bookmarks more effectively
  • Advanced Tabs – to help you organize your tasks and become more organized
  • Extensions – to power your way to new capabilities (some you never dreamed)
  • Autofill & Passwords – key to protecting you; helpful hints to take it up a notch
  • Keyboard shortcuts – simple ways to do things faster and easier

Workshop 2 (included in Acheiver and ALL*STAR level passes) includes:

  • Profiles – why you should use them; how they enhance your life; how to do it
  • Appearance and customization – less eye-strain; more enjoyable experiences; and higher productivity
  • History – finding the needle in the haystack in less time with less effort
  • Privacy & incognito mode – using advanced aspects to accomplish more and protect yourself and your organization
  • Cleansing browser data – underutilized methods to fix problems and move faster
  • Junk mail avoidance – ‘nuf said; we all want to do this – and strategic use of your browser will help

Both workshops will include basic and advance concepts — in both cases in plain English so all participants will gain from each subject.

What’s in Essentials

You’ll get a single workshop that spans a variety of well-worn and advanced topics. We welcome you to join for just workshop to learn Essentials; but suggest you join at Achiever level because we just can’t cram it all into a single workshop

What’s in Achiever

As an Achiever, you’ll get a second workshop to cover more ground – and you’ll get to work with one of our mentors in an individual dedicated 30-minute session to tweak your techniques, learn more on the topics that mean the most to you, and resolve questions.

What? No Confirmed All*Star?

To optimize your time and investment, this series includes the same bundle in both Achiever and ALL*STAR level. Frankly, we’re already convincing you that you can power your days with a tool you take for granted — your browser. So we’re including three sessions (two workshops and a personal coaching session) and would be happy to create custom consulting for your and your team after that — or have you continue to hone your skills in a learning path that we can customize for you including other topics that you might need.

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